December 8, 2016
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General Search Help

The Search component enables the user to access the Offender Management System data. It provides numerous options for identifying an offender. These options are organized to allow you to approach the search in several fundamental perspectives: "Basic" (includes first and last name), "Appearance" (includes race, gender, etc.) Try clicking on the different perspective links to the left off this text under "Search By" to see the different fields each perspective contains.

Begin searching by simply entering data into any or all of the supplied fields and clicking the "Search" button. All your entries will be preserved between searches. Click "Clear" to remove all entries from all currently visible fields.

To combine perspectives or approaches to narrow the results to only what you need use the "Search within last search" option. For example, enter search critera for First and Last name and click the "Search" button, click on the appearance perspective and enter appearance search critera. Before clicking the "Search" button click the "Search within last search" radio button. This will combine the search critera from both perspectives. The "Search within last search" option is not available and does not work with the Statute perspective.

To include alias name search with the Basic perspective, click the "Include Alias in search" check box. This option is only valid for the Basic Search perspective. To search on known alias names only use the Alias Search perspective.

When the search is submitted for a text box, whatever was entered must match the offender’s data exactly for a match to result, except with regards to case. The search will be case insensitive. For example:
  • ‘Bill’ will match ‘Bill’, ‘bill’, and ‘BILL’
  • ‘bill’ will match ‘Bill, ‘bill’, and ‘BILL’

    Text boxes with wildcard support have an '*' beside them and are similar to standard text boxes, but allow for partial or inexact matches on offender data. An asterisk, ‘*’, is the wildcard character. The asterisk matches any number of characters. You can place an asterisk anywhere in the text and any number of times. Here are some examples:
  • ‘Bill*’, will match ‘Bill’, ‘Billy’, etc.
  • ‘*ly’ would match ‘Billy’, ‘Kelly’, ‘Wally’, etc.
  • ‘B*y’ would match ‘Billy’, ‘Bobby’, ‘Barry’, etc.
  • ‘*th*y*’, matching ‘Anthony’, ‘Timothy’, etc.

    To clear a Search and start from scratch, click "Clear" and then click "Search". This will erase all previous search criteria.

    Some search fields have "Pulldown" capabilities. Click on the "Appearance" perspective link to the left of this text under "Search By". The Race, Gender, Hair Color, Eye Color, and Scar-Mark-Tatoo all have this "Pulldown" capability. Try clicking the "Pulldown" icon to see a list of selection criteria to choice from.

    Some search fileds have "List of Values" or "LOV" capabilities. Click on the "Sentence" perspective to the left of this text. County, Offense, and Term all have this "LOV" capability. In addition, Offense has both "LOV" and "Wildcard" capabilites. This allows searches within the available selection criteria. Try clicking on the County "LOV" icon to see a list of Counties to choice from. Enter A% in the Find box and click the "Find" button. This would return all Counties that start with the letter "A". Click on "Atoka County", notice "Atoka County" is now in the County search field.

    Click EXIT HELP (top right hand corner) to exit help.